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Shari Mann, CPA, CA

Shari Mann, as a member of the Neverest team, develops and delivers customized training for individuals within corporations, the public sector, professional institutes and public accounting firms, covering a variety of disciplines, including accounting & finance, risk management, internal audit and external audit.

Shari is the co-author for the “Accounting, Auditing & Professional Practice Update” and the “IFRS- Update 2013” courses, and authors “IFRS – A Survey of Standards” and “Effective Use of Analytical Procedures”. She is an educational consultant who has been involved in professional development and education for a number of years. She also provides technical advice to practitioners. Shari is the author of “The Guide to Review and Compilation Engagements” (Carswell) and “Compilation Engagements: A Guide” (Carswell) and co-author of “Preparing Financial Statements” (Carswell). She was also a seminar leader for the CPA Ontario’s School of Accountancy and lectures in financial accounting at the University of Waterloo.

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