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Richa Khanna, as a member of the Neverest team provides monitoring, and consulting
services to small and medium sized practitioners. She also develops and delivers
training for public accounting firms on topics related to assurance and Canadian ASPE.

Richa assists firms in ensuring compliance with their quality control objectives by
providing monitoring services and efficiency reviews. Richa also provides consulting
services related to accounting and assurance areas, risk management and ethical
considerations and quality control matters. She is currently the Chair, Small and
Medium-Sized Practitioners Committee at CPA Canada (Audit and Assurance
Taskforce) and volunteers as a member of the Disciplinary Committee at CPA Ontario.

Richa Khanna was formerly the Partner in-charge of Professional Standards at a mid-
sized firm in the GTA, with an international affiliation. In this role, she advised the
partnership and professional staff on accounting and assurance matters. She was
instrumental in designing and overseeing the firm’s quality control program, ensuring
compliance and continuous improvement. She coordinated the firm’s practice inspection
and peer reviews (cyclical monitoring) and was the leader for the firm’s professional
development program aimed at new hires, staff, and partners. She was also a part-time
practice inspector with the CPA Ontario (not current).

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