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Kayla Tomulka (Macfarlane), as a member of the Neverest team, develops and delivers
customized training for individuals within corporations, professional institutes and public
accounting firms, covering a variety of disciplines, including accounting & finance and external

Kayla is passionate about education and continuous learning. She currently lectures audit and
financial accounting at Ontario Tech University. She is also actively involved in the training of
CPA students, and helping them pass the Common Final Exam (CFE). She is a session leader,
mentor and facilitator in the CPA Professional Education Program, and was actively involved in
the initial development of the modules.

Kayla was previously a Senior Manager in the National Accounting Group at Deloitte, where she
was a member of the Canadian IFRS Center of Excellence. In this role, she developed case-
based curriculum; drafted, reviewed and edited technical accounting alerts, guides and other
publications; and provided technical accounting support to audit practitioners.

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