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Special Presentations

The Neverest Special Presentations are a series of special topics delivered by Neverest and guest speakers. These special presentations can be registered for at a date and location most convenient for you. Click below to locate descriptions, dates and locations of the presentations:

Marriages, Partnerships, Mergers & Decoupling – Valuation, Engagement & Professional Issues

Accountants play an important role in both the “start-up” phase of a business or a marriage, as well as when things do not run smoothly. Good times and bad times will invariably involve both key financial aspects as well as harder to spot softer issues. Melanie Russell, CPA, CA, CBV, CIM, CFE, TEP, President of Kalex Valuations Inc., along with Jane Bowen, FCPA, FCA, Executive Director, Neverest will discuss valuation theory in general as well as, practical issues that arise when assisting clients.

Melanie’s work includes business/asset valuations in a number of industries. She also is active in income determinations for matrimonial disputes, forensic investigations for civil and criminal matters, and general litigation/dispute matters such as damages calculations. Melanie has been qualified as an expert witness in a variety of areas by the Ontario Court of Justice, the Ontario Superior Court, CPA Ontario’s Discipline Committee, and the Investment Dealers’ Association. She has acted as an accounting expert in arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Guest Speaker: Melanie Russell, CPA, CA, CBV, CIM, CFE, TEP, President of Kalex Valuations Inc.
Neverest Speaker: Jane Bowen, FCPA, FCA, Executive Director, Neverest



Raising Money-Smart Kids

When asked what kind of money management information they would be most interested in, Canadians cite minimizing tax, avoiding fraud and help teaching their kids about money. It is not surprising that tax minimization was first on the list, but teaching our children about money was close to the top, as found by a poll completed across Canada by Harris Decima in 2010.

In 2012 CPA Canada designed A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money-Smart Kids . The discussion of financial matters within the family must begin early, the CPA Canada guide pays attention to those teachable moments in everyday life. As a result Neverest has developed a presentation to help you get started. Whether it is developing a strategy to provide skills to your own children or your client’s children, this session will help. Often we need a push to start the discussion, even as finance and accounting professionals. This session will do just that.

Jane Bowen, FCPA, FCA, Executive Director with Neverest, will lead the discussion and share personal experience on issues of teaching kids to be money smart. We are sure you will gain practical advice that will work for you! The CPA Canada publication “A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money-Smart Kids” will be used to start the discussion and all participants will receive a copy of the publication.

Neverest Speaker: Jane Bowen, FCPA, FCA, Executive Director, Neverest

Participants can register for any of the above half day sessions or register for a one day package which includes both presentations.


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