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Level 5 – Assurance Leaders

3 DAYS / 21 PD HOURS – Minimum 4-5 busy seasons completed

This course is designed for individuals with a minimum of 4-5 busy seasons of experience including managing engagements and staff. This course is also beneficial for senior managers and partners who are interested in ensuring their practice is keeping up with accounting and assurance developments and trends, and/or honing their business development strategies and skills.

This course helps participants actively contribute to the growth and success of the accounting firm. It starts with exploring the requirements of designing and maintaining a system of quality control at the firm and engagement level. It shares methods for staying on top of assurance and accounting developments as they happen. This course discusses firm economics and identifies critical key performance metrics all firms should measure and monitor. Learn how to help increase firm revenues through tangible business development activities. Participants can compare strategies and create or improve a personal business development plan.  In addition, participants explore key areas that can help improve job effectiveness and elevate presence with partners, clients, boards of directors and other key stakeholders: presentation and negotiation skills, and abilities to communicate persuasively.

Day 1: Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Day 2: Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Day 3: Thursday, November 1st, 2018


To obtain a full course description with learning objectives and to reserve a spot in one of our upcoming courses please contact us directly at or by phone on 416-832-4032.


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