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The following Neverest Leadership/Management courses are offered in-house at your office or a designated off-site location at dates convenient for your team. Click below for course descriptions:

Essential Professional Skills


Strong technical skills are critical to the success of directors, senior management and all employees. But they are not enough. They must be accompanied by strong “soft skills”. Individuals who master these skills will set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

This course identifies and explores the importance of the ‘Top 10’ skills for success. Participants will be given the opportunity to perform a self-assessment and complete a personalized action plan for improved professional skill performance.

Strategic Leadership


Good leaders know that using the same leadership approach in every situation is not always effective. When a leader’s style of communication is misaligned to the situation of his or her team members, problems in goal setting, motivation, conflict management and execution may arise. Clear communication between management and employees is fundamental to the operation and success of all businesses. Strategic leaders can quickly assess what style is best suited to a given situation and adjust their approach for improved communications and overall results.

This course explains why it is important for leaders to adjust their leadership styles to fit the situation at hand. It describes a range of leadership styles and helps participants identify their usual styles. It outlines specific leadership techniques and explores how to use them effectively. It also examines the impact strategic leadership techniques can have on active listening, goal setting, coaching, and performance evaluation.

Developing High Performance Teams


In today’s business environment, nothing can be truly accomplished without the active support and enthusiasm of a team. Accordingly, the ability to lead, manage and develop a team is essential to maximizing results. Teamwork is all about successful team and individual performance, which is a win-win for all.

This course examines the key characteristics of high-performing teams. It presents techniques for leading and managing teams on a day-to-day basis and for developing them over the long-term. It demonstrates ways to motivate team members, build consensus, deal with conflict, and create an environment that stimulates input and allows team members to grow. It addresses how team members, while not leading the team, can make important contributions to the team’s effectiveness. Finally, it highlights common pitfalls to avoid in order to reduce costly employee turnover.

Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving


In an ever-changing world, maintaining the status quo is just not good enough. One must be creative and find new and innovative ways of doing things. Professional accountants are no exception. While not known for their creative prowess or imaginative thinking, many are starting to apply techniques that help them to think creatively.

This course is based on the principle that creativity can be learned and improved. It focuses on steps that professional accountants at all levels can take to improve their ability to find optimal solutions for the challenges they face. It starts with outlining approaches for correctly identifying and defining the challenge or opportunity at hand. It introduces techniques for stimulating “out-of-the-box” thinking and for identifying possible actions. It sets out a framework for selecting the best course of action and for developing an implementation plan for success.

Understanding & Applying Emotional Intelligence

½ DAY – 3.5 PD HOURS

Research shows that an individual’s emotional intelligence impacts their success twice as much as their IQ and technical skills combined. Accountants and auditors are no exception – in fact, an accountant and auditor’s ability to effectively communicate, engage and persuade their colleagues, teams and clients is critical to their pursuit of adding value to their organization. Individuals may occasionally, or often, find themselves in emotionally charged situations, and their ability to effectively manage their emotional connections with those around them is critical to short-term and long-term success.

This session defines and describes emotional intelligence. It identifies the difficult situations and conversations accountants and auditors commonly experience. It provides a framework to plan for and manage difficult conversations. In a safe learning environment, participants will practice reacting to given scenarios, and share tips for ‘thinking on their feet’.

Super Supervision

½ DAY – 3.5 PD HOURS

This course shares tips and strategies for supervising teams effectively. It highlights the importance of coaching and mentoring for day to day and long term success. Explore supervisory best practices for improving individual and team performance.

Time & Relationship Management

½ DAY – 3.5 PD HOURS

Time. It’s scarce. It’s non-renewable. It’s often wasted. But it’s also manageable. Individuals who understand and follow good time management practices waste less time, produce more results, and often experience less stress. And they are better able to achieve their goals in both their professional and personal lives. This course discusses techniques that individuals can use to manage time, while they are working on their own and as part of a team. It highlights some of the most common time wasters and explores how they can be overcome. It also addresses how to dedicate time to effectively manage relationships with key stakeholders, including colleagues, champions, partners and clients.


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