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The following Neverest Communication courses are offered in-house at your office or a designated off-site location at dates convenient for your team. Click below for course descriptions:

Tailored Communication


Every position at every level of an organization involves communicating with people. Effective communicators know that the key to success is being flexible to your audience, whether it is a one-on-one conversation, or communicating within a group. This course examines the importance of effective communication skills when interfacing with clients, colleagues and other key stakeholders. Participants will be introduced to a four-quadrant framework of communication styles and have the opportunity to identify and assess their own style. In becoming aware of their own personal style and discussing the advantages and limitations of each of the four styles, participants will understand how to adjust their communication approach to more effectively suit individual circumstances.

This course further examines how to use communication styles to enhance fundamental communication skills including active listening, writing and presenting. Learn effective strategies for handling difficult situations and conversations. Adaptability and versatility in how we work with others are vital skills for success.

Power of Persuasion


Individuals with an exceptional ability to persuade are more likely to become successful within their organizations and active members of their communities. They are more likely to have their ideas, proposals and projects approved and acted upon. Persuasion is a powerful communication technique that can enhance dealings with key stakeholders, including boards of directors, executive management, colleagues, customers, suppliers, regulators and investors.

This course explains the fundamental elements of persuasion. It introduces powerful persuasion techniques and focuses on how to use them effectively in oral communication (involving one-on-one settings, small groups, and formal presentations) and in written communication (involving reports, memos and emails).

Collaborative Negotiation


Every position at every level of an organization involves negotiating with others. Accordingly, individuals who have strong negotiating skills will be better equipped to perform effectively in whatever position they hold.

This course focuses on three important aspects of negotiating. It explains the nature and application of different approaches to negotiating. It identifies different communication styles and explains how each style can affect the negotiating process. It highlights barriers to successful negotiating and offers guidance on how to avoid or manage those barriers.

Presenting With Impact


Almost everyone has to make presentations at some point in their business and personal lives. The presentations may be short or long, formal or informal, prepared in advance or improvised on the spot. Audiences may be big or small, friendly or challenging. The stakes may be high or low. Whatever the circumstances, there are steps that first-time presenters and experienced veterans can take to develop and deliver better presentations with more confidence and greater success. As an accountant or auditor, master the art of delivering highly effective presentations.

This course addresses the need to define a presentation’s goals and to know the needs and expectations of its audience. It examines how to structure a presentation, decide on its content, and give it an appropriate tone and pace. It demonstrates how to prepare and use audio-visual aids. It outlines techniques for managing stress and delivering a presentation confidently and professionally. Learn how to “think on your feet” to respond to questions and challenges effectively.

The course includes an opportunity to develop and deliver a group presentation, all in a safe and supportive environment.

Training & Facilitation Skills Workshop


Anyone who has trained others knows that it requires a unique skill.  Although some presenters may seem that they are just “born with it”, these are skills that can be learned and honed over time.  Learn techniques that are specific to course facilitation, including presenting with confidence and handling questions raised by participants.  Master the art of facilitating highly effective training sessions.

This course explores key training and adult learning principles and its impact on training design.  Improve your abilities to structure and organize the content of a training session, no matter how short or long, to maximize value for all participants.  Obtain tips for delivering training with confidence, including how to handle disruptions, distractions or challenging questions, all with ease and grace.

The course includes an opportunity to work in groups to develop and deliver a training session, all in a safe and supportive environment.

Managing Difficult Conversations

½ DAY – 3.5 PD HOURS

Learn skills and strategies for managing difficult conversations with your supervisors, co-workers, staff, clients, or other stakeholders inside or outside your organization. This course will also share techniques for leading productive meetings and how to deal with any difficult meeting participants.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

½ DAY – 3.5 PD HOURS

This course explores best practice techniques for effectively giving and receiving performance feedback to and from team members in your organization. This course also highlights the importance of coaching and shares supervisory best practices for managing and developing high-performing teams.


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