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Key Learning Principles

All Neverest courses are designed and delivered, based on key learning principles including:

Respect & Motivation

We set a positive learning environment by:

  • recognizing the wealth of knowledge and experience the participants bring to the table;
  • encouraging the expression of ideas and feedback to enrich the quality of class discussions and course exercises; and
  • regarding each participant as colleagues with equal life experiences to share.

Practical & Relevant

We ensure all course material is practical and relevant to participants by:

  • working with our project sponsor to adequately customize and tailor our course material to meet the needs of the participants; and
  • incorporating tailored individual and group activities and case studies into our material to ensure participants learn effective skills that can be readily applied to “real life” situations.

Reinforcement & Retention

We believe reinforcement is a very necessary part of the learning process. Retention is vital to applying new skills immediately to the workplace. We encourage reinforcement and retention by:

  • providing participants with the “big picture” so they can better understand the “why” as well as the “what”;
  • identifying key module objectives and reviewing each objective to ensure successful completion and to provide a summary of key learnings;
  • providing regular positive and constructive feedback throughout our courses;
  • asking questions that motivate reflection, inquiry and further research where necessary
  • incorporating an action plan (MY ACTION PLAN) into all courses, allowing participants to take away their key learnings, with an option for a personalized future reminder; and
  • providing follow-up sessions to our courses, as requested, to allow time for participants to digest the course material between sessions, and provide a forum to share experiences and obtain additional guidance as necessary.

Our Clients & Partners

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