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Neverest was founded in 2007 by Cindy Kottoor on the premise that regardless of how new or how experienced a professional accountant is, there is always much to learn.  In today’s ever changing world, one cannot remain stagnant.  In this spirit of continuous improvement, Neverest’s goal is to share tangible tools and techniques that can immediately improve individual and team performance.

While working in Canada and the US, Cindy recognized an opportunity to specialize in servicing the unique professional development needs of auditors and accountants, helping these professionals perform their various roles, as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Neverest’s growth has been grassroots—earning one client at a time, based on high quality performance followed by word-of-mouth referrals.

Since inception, Neverest service offerings have expanded, as the extensive expertise of each instructor and consultant joined the team. Today Neverest is a team of over eight professionals. The Neverest team services corporations, the public sector, professional institutes and public accounting firms, covering a variety of disciplines, including accounting & finance, risk management, internal audit, external audit and related professional (soft) skills.


Our clients often ask us… where did the company name come from? What does the brand stand for?


Neverest – was developed to represent our core belief that learning never ends, demonstrating three interrelated concepts:

  • “Never Rest” to indicate the importance of continuous improvement and learning,
  • “Everest” to denote Mount Everest, the famous Himalayan mountain range, which propels many to climb it, reaching higher and higher, and
  • the “N” in front of “Everest” to represent the “Nth” degree, or infinity.

Together, Neverest signifies a never-ending pursuit of excellence.

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